India's Own NCAP rating soon

The Minister of Roads and transport and highways , Initiated a program of its own NCAP ratings.


8/22/20231 min read

The Government of India has taken the initiative to generate its own NCAP ratings through BHARAT New Car Assessment Programme (B-NCAP) crash testing. They will collaborate with Global NCAP for this project.

This project will be started on October 1st to ensure the safety of Indian Roads . The Government claimed that this project would enhance road safety and foster healthy competition between Indian Automobile industries.

As Global NCAP takes 2.5 crores for one car crash test, Bharat NCAP will take 60 lakhs for one crash test; therefore, it will be much more efficient than any other NCAP rating, due to which more participation is observed.

The ratings will be given in stars , from 0 to 5 . This action will help buyers understand which car to choose .

The Government claimed that they will also test different fuels , including electric and CNG, for the betterment of Indian society.

Since the government announced the launch of the program , many car manufacturers have enrolled there vehicles and shown healthy participation in Bharat-NCAP.

The Government has initiated this program because every year 5 lakh accidents and 1.5 lakh deaths are observed in India, which is 70 percent of deaths among 18-34 year olds, which is a loss of GDP of 3.14 percent.

It is a great initiative by The Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (MORTH) of India, to maximize road safety, and we all know that a country with better road transportation is a key to development. This initiative will foster healthy competition between every car manufacturer globally.