Mahindra XUV 700

Detailed review of Mahindra XUV 700


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8/10/20233 min read


The Automotive industry is expanding with exciting features and stylish looks. Keeping this in mind , Mahindra has Introduced one of its flagship SUV ,the XUV 700. In this review , we'll be unveiling all the pro's and cons ,i.e. the performance , design , features , and technology that Mahindra offers , which will help everyone decide whether this car is best suited with there requirements or not.

1) Striking Design

  • The XUV 700's has very eye catching exteriors , which are marked by bold, stylish front grills , connecting with sleek LED headlight setup .

  • The XUV 700's exterior design has an aerodynamic profile that is well proportioned.

  • The wheels on this car are appropriate according to the size of the vehicle.

2) Luxurious Interiors:

  • As soon as we step inside the XUV 700 cabin , luxury and comfort both await. The welcome seats pulls the driver seat back electronically giving a sweet gesture of welcome. The material used inside the cabin feels premium and upmarket, and the seats are very comfortable with leather upholstery.

  • The XUV 700 offers a wide cabin, which enhances the comfort of the passengers as well as the driver's.

  • The XUV 700 has thoughtful craftsmanship, which elevates the driving experience of the driver.

  • The Maximum amount of material used inside the cabin is soft touch material like leather.

  • As we look into the Dashboard design, there is one Dual HD 26.03 cm infotainment screen, which floats across the driver's digital screen and includes wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

3) Power and Performance

The XUV 700 contains two engine options

  • Diesel Engine: The XUV 700 is powered by four cylinder 2.2 L Diesel engine which when paired with a 6 speed manual Transmission produces 360 Nm @ 1500-2800 r/min (base model MX variant) , 420 Nm @ 1600-2800 r/min (upper variants Ax3-Ax7) and when Paired with 6 speed automatic transmission produces 450Nm @ 1750-2800 r/min (only available in upper variants AX3-AX7 )

    This diesel engine is very punchy due to CRDi technology and smooth at the same time. Therefore , a fun-to-drive engine

  • Petrol Engine: The XUV 700 is also powered by four cylinder 2.0 L Petrol engine which when paired with 6 speed automatic transmission produces 380Nm @ 1750-3000 r/min and when paired with 6 speed manual transmission produces 380Nm@1750-3000 r/min.(This engine option is available in all the variants (MX-AX3-AX5-Ax7).

4) Drive Modes

XUV 700 comes with three driving modes

  • ZIP: The XUV 700 comes with ZIP mode , which is sort of an Eco mode that churns out maximum efficiency from the engine.

  • ZAP: The XUV 700 comes with ZAP mode , which is a sort of comfort mode that is more powerful than Eco mode and makes sure there is adequate power to meet daily needs .

  • ZOOM: The XUV 700 comes with ZOOM mode , which is a sort of sports mode that is most powerful of all.

5) Cutting Edge Technology:

The XUV 700 comes with a great list of connected car tech with Alexa. The XUV 700 comes with the ADAS feature, which is the driver's assistant on long routes. ADAS features includes Lane Assist , emergency braking , adaptive cruise control , drivers drowsiness detection .

6) Safety Features:

The XUV 700 is a 5-star global NCAP rated car that comes with a bunch of safety features, You name it, the XUV 700 has it.

  • 7 Airbags setup

  • Electronical Safety Program (ESP)

  • Front Collision Warning


  • ABS

  • Cornering lamp

7) Price and value Proposition:

The XUV 700 is a complete package and a great value for a package vehicle in its segment.

The XUV 700 price ranges from Rs 14 Lakh To Rs 26.18 Lakh ex showroom.

8) Verdicts : After complete analysis , my observation was that this car packs all the essential features in a perfect range for its segment. Therefore , if a person has a budget of 25 lakh to 30 lakh , this car is well suited. With its Lavishing looks , it targets customers of all age groups and has greater road appeal than its rivals.