Mahindra's Vision Concept Of THAR.e

In this Blog we will Look Into Vision Concept of Mahindra THAR.e .


8/21/20232 min read


On August 15, 2023 , in Cape Town, Mahindra Electric Automobiles Limited (MEAL) , a Subsidiary brand of Mahindra and Mahindra, which is a leading brand in the SUV market , Revealed an Electric SUV, THAR.e .

They Introduced the new Infinity LOGO for electric SUVs and said that the future has infinite possibilities.

They Also introduced there vision concept for Thar.e i.e., It will be a total Electric vehicle with all the robustness of The Thar.

  • Design

Vision Thar.e represents a revolutionary design that will inhibit the robustness of Thar and the efficiency of electric power train. It has a boxy shaped design that is symmetrical in design, i.e. , All the Components Installed on the left side of the vehicle are exactly identical to those installed on the Right side of the vehicle. The exteriors of Thar.e is very eye catching .

  • Electric Innovation

It is a huge challenge for Mahindra to deliver an Off-road vehicle with an electric powertrain . But they claimed that they would Install a high performance AWD electric motor for better efficiency and power deliveries.

  • Usage of Better plastics

Mahindra has also claimed they will use 50% recycled PET and recyclable uncoated plastics. They will make sure that future Thar is more environment friendly.

  • Features

The Thar.e would be adaptable to all situations, robust design, with SUV's Timeless Appeal and confident road presence.